Maxmize Your ROI with Our IT Procuement Services

Without a dedicated in-house IT planning and strategy, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in particular struggle to reach decisions on IT investments and risk.

With the established channels to all the major technology manufacturers and software publishers including Microsoft, Dell, HP, IBM, Source Union’s IT Procurement service will help your company deal with multiple vendors by providing a single point of contact of all your customized IT infrastructure requirements – from large integrated systems to enterprise-class hardware and software.

Your trusted advisors and work closely with your procurement and IT management teams

  • select the products that will work best with your company’s network and servers.
  • manage an effective supply chain which meets business objectives for our clients, our vendors and ourselves

we endeavour to provide the best possible value and pricing advantages for you


  • provide consultation of valued partners working best for your business IT procurement needs
  • best competitive prices guaranteed from Top Vendors
  • best client-centric IT Procurement service
  • dedicated Procurement Specialist & Account Manager to work with your team
  • save time, money & efforts

effective standards in pricing, quality and delivery

Company’s core mission is critical, but the underlying technology that supports it may not be.

That’s where Source Union can help. Source Union consultants provided the up-to-date technology and IT equipments for our clients, allowing them to focus instead on their core missions. Outsourcing your IT needs to Source Union enable you to focus on strategic direction while trusting us to manage the day-to-day operations that monopolize your time. Consider the breadth of our expertise and experience managing business processes, applications and IT infrastructure.

When your company is looking to access new business services quickly and cost-effectively, Source Union provides one of the most cost-effective services in the industry - from basic support to actual deployments. Depending on client’s needs, Source Union offer managed services, outsourcing, cloud service and IP telecom service. We offer flexible solutions and maintenance services by On-demand Token or Regular Maintenance that manage the most complex environments efficiently, safely and securely. Also, to sustain high level of elasticity, we deliver on-site or remote problem-fixing whenever necessary.

We Align Your IT Strategic Objectives with Your Business Goals

Most enterprises and local SMEs are dealing with IT challenges including old applications, security threats, information explosion and limited budget.With a professional IT consulting partner, Source Union helped clients to enhance their existing IT structure, increase performance and improve productivity to ensure a competitive advantage and constant growth.

Source Union always listen, think, analyze, brainstorm, and challenge assumptions for your company to become even better by implementing new ideas that create value. Source Unions maintain a long-term established relationship with the trusted vendors, thus leveraging a portfolio of services to our clients from vendor management, consulting, implementation, service upgrade, technology support. With a team of experienced business and IT consultants, we provide the integrated business solutions like cloud build-up / migration, ups/cooling system solution, network/IT infrastructure solution / IP phone system.

Relocation NOT Only Defines Office Move

Source Union also offer IT Network relocation service including single site to site relocation and networks being moved across multiple sites.

Using a well proven procedure, we take care of the entire process from safe shutdown of the current network to commissioning of the current network without losing data and damaging equipments. With a completed system audit, our consultants will offer client a snapshot of how the current IT network is performing and how the relocation process can fully utilize the assets in the new location by identifying security vulnerabilities and threats, new compliances, industry-specific requirement, outdated hardware and software, and power supply usage issues.

With Source Union’s relocation service, clients can enjoy a new IT network during the process and stay in touch with clients and business partners.

No matter which brand you are using, Source Union’s professional skills help you manage to design, manage and deliver the relocation of your business-critical IT equipment, whilst keeping downtime to an absolute minimum. Once reinstallation has been completed successfully, you will be given access to a dedicated help desk to ensure everything remains fully functioning as it should be.

Moving Office or Servers Make You Feel Headache?

Moving office or servers can be a challenging, time-consuming process which most IT managers or even management executives are headache where to start can be completely overwhelming if they do not have a comprehensive plan. With Source Union’s experienced expertise, we help client plan and manage the move starting from the start including hardware consolidation, vendor management, data reliability and continuity of operations and the most important is to clarify all necessary components to support “business as usual.”

A well-planned IT move makes the difference; your employees should be able to resume business after the move in the new office exactly the way they were functioning the day before the move. From research, planning, procurement, scheduling delivery, to setup, testing and commissioning of all your IT equipment such as servers, storage, UPS, backup, switches, routers, firewalls, workstations, security (ip cam), video conferencing, telephone system, printer/copier setup……etc, we’ll take care of them all, leaving you more time to concentrate on other important tasks. We believe IT is carefree, our professional technology support and all-inclusive computer consulting service will change your perspective on stressful office move.

No Matter Your Challenges, We've Got You Covered

Resource allocation is becoming increasingly more complicated and less predictable for companies that must respond quickly to a changing environment.

IT project management is definitely a good tool to centralize management and control of projects to ensure that they successfully achieve an organization’s strategic business objectives. Source Union helps your business to increase efficiency with qualified project management services.

Source Union consultants help identify and analyze all projects plus prioritize the most critical development areas in the office relocation project processes for effectiveness and return on investment. By assisting the client with rollout its office relocation plan, our project management team served as the consultant among vendors and clients. Clients will be provided a systematic roadmap and our consultants are trained to guide project coordination, communication and budget management to assure clients’ relocation are completed on schedule and within budget, avoiding costly overruns saving you both time and money. Source Union’s services gives clients flexibility to optimize their relocation plan and get office move delivering on time with right cost effectively.