As a cutting-edge technology solution provider and a proven system integrator, Source Union delivers clients with various reliable and highly flexible solutions. Our ICT solution has been adopted by large corporations, institutions and government organizations. By providing its one-stop maintenance services and round-the-clock technical support to clients, our consultant team always focuses on the client needs and provides quality after-sales service with the high level of quality assurance of work.

Source Union understands different business needs to offer practical solutions who is recognized as the qualified partner of local SMEs and corporations with its broad technical and management expertise, operational support and provision of wide range of information technology needs. From project management to installation, solutions include networks, virtualization, cloud integration and more, we are best at integrating systems and technologies that include hardware, communications and software applications to provide simple solutions to complex needs.

Not only enterprises, local SMEs also face their complex network challenges. From speed-to-market demands , end-user expectations and regulatory changes have continuously changed the way service providers approach their customers. Together with the complexities of network evolution, no matter of voice and data - has forced companies to explore innovation in ways never before imagined.

Source Union consultants are abreast of the up-to-date technology and helping clients integrating with new and existing systems to streamline efforts and reduce costs. We deliver LAN, WAN, wireless, remote access and security solutions based on industry standard network, operating systems and equipment. We leverage your network with industry-leading solutions to give you the competitive edge needed for tomorrow's connected world.

Source Union offers a portfolio of services from installation and configuration, to monitoring and support for servers. With intimate knowledge of best practices, tools and technology, our consultants provide the right knowledge at the right time to help maximize the value of your server and system investment. From providing a quality of service demanded by the mission critical needs of your business, Source Union delivers a highly personalized, strategic relationship dedicated to your business success such as system installation and configuration, system optimization and operational support engineers with unparalleled support.

We endeavour to help clients ensure server configurations are optimized to maximize the performance and availability to meet the specific requirements of clients’ business including tailored assistance for your software upgrades requirements including Solaris OS, Unix server, Oracle VM and backup services with proper data backup.